Moving house

19 Jan Moving house

I have always been fascinated by other people’s houses, anyone else a regular rightmove checker?! In August last year I found a chalet bungalow a couple of miles up the road from where we currently live. We just thought we’d go and have a look, not really thinking much of it but, of course, we kinda fell in love with it! Our neighbours had recently sold their house for a good price and within a week so we thought we’d put ours on the market to gauge the interest. Within a week we had 5 offers which went to sealed bids.

So nearly 6 months later (why do these things take so long?) we are now preparing to move at the end of the week! We are so excited, and slightly terrified, it is going to be a big change for all of us. We are moving from a terraced house in a quiet village green setting to a detached chalet bungalow on a main road and next to a train line. But the positives are immense, we are gaining extra space in the house with huge potential for future extension and a garden and outbuildings to die for. It is the stuff of childhood dreams.  When we took the children to visit their eyes nearly popped out of their heads, we struggled to get them to come into the actual house. There is a large stream, access to woodland and the dog will be in heaven.

I will definitely be sad to leave our current house, we’ve only been here 5 years but a lot has happened in that time. Leo was only ten months old when we moved here but he will leave as a nearly 6 year old so will remember this house. Our daughter Freya was born here 3 years ago and, because my previous job ended when I was only 4 months pregnant with her, Handmade by Bex came to be!

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 22.46.20


About 10 months ago we had a wonderful desk built under our stairs. Up until then I had been working at the dining room table, forever having to clear all of my work away when we had dinner and worrying about food and drink being spilt on it! This desk completed changed my way of working, I had space to store all of my materials, I was far more organised and it really made my creativity come alive. It also meant I had a wonderful area to display my little collection of artwork from some very talented artists, Becci Maryanne, Angela Smyth and Auntie Mims to name but a few.


 And I just wanted to show you the kitchen. Because I love it. And I’m going to miss it soooo much! It was made by a local carpenter and he did a wonderful job. I just hope the new owners love it as much as we did!

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 22.47.39

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