Letter embroidery hoops

01 Jul Letter embroidery hoops

This is an idea that has been at the back of my mind for a long time. I took part in a fantastic course called The School for Creative Start Ups last year and at the end we had a week long show in London. We each had a space to make our own and as part of this I made up hoops to spell out Handmade by Bex (which you can see on my home page!).

During the course I was lucky enough to visit Chloe Mackintosh, the co founder of Made.com for some business advice. She really liked the hoops and went on to order a set for a friends new baby boy. Up until now I haven’t quite worked out how to make them financially viable- the large hoops take a long time to make and have larger material costs- so last week I made up a series of five 4″ hoops.


I’m really excited by them! I think there are so many possibilities. They could be used on their own or as a set. I think they would look lovely spelling out a child’s name for their bedroom door, or used as a pair with the addition of an ampersand for a wedding gift or even changed into numbers to remember a special date. As they’re made to order they can also be made in different colours.

I love my bespoke work, I get so excited about creating people’s ideas and receiving the feedback I do, but I would also like to continue to create a range of products that are more ‘off the peg’ so people know exactly what they’re getting (but with very much a personal touch, they are still made by me after all!).






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